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What started off as a hobby from a guy who loves all things spicy, quickly turned into a family business serving friends, family and our community. Blue Collar Hot Sauce is a veteran owned (Semper Fi) company located in Dundee, MI. The company is owned and operated by Brian and Heather Evans. Blue Collar Hot Sauce became an official licensed food product in May of 2019 and officially launched in October of 2019. Here at Blue Collar we are growing most of our own peppers with the help of local vegetable farmers. We work hard to bring you fresh, great tasting products by making and processing nearly everything ourselves, from growing peppers, cooking batches, bottling, labeling and distributing. We sure couldn’t do all of this without the help of our amazing family and friends. We love giving people a product that spices up their everyday foods and recipes. Especially when it allows us to give back to our communities’ veterans and other non-profit organizations. 

Brian, Heather, Elizabeth, Levi, Lacey, Leah and Mattis

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